secat QPPD – individual and highly flexible
If you need to maintain Specifications, Standards or other related Masterdata within SAP, it will not be easy to find a tool to do so. Most of the tools are specialized to only one application. In most of the cases you will be missing at least one of your business specialities.

That´s why we decided to create secat QPPD.

Originally the program has been developed as a SAP-AddOn only for Quality management. After some years of projectwork Production and Sales came up with several needs. The usage of our QPPD for Product Definition in several projects now makes it central part of Master Data Maintenance for our customers.

QPPD supports you in designing a solution and giving you the necessary functionalities – 100 % individually and flexible.

QPPD is a universal integrated SAP-Add-On to handle any kind of specification e.g.:
Standards/ internal specifications/external specifications with

  • Properties/ descriptional data
  • Validities as needed
  • Documents / Notes/ Pictures/ multiple texts
  • Optional versioning
  • Automatical validity dates
  • Inheritance and referencing
  • Simplified copying

Usage as Masterdata Tool

  • Simple Maintenance of additional Masterdata (similar to SAP Classification System) directly in productive environment
  • Easy linkage of QPPD Objects to existing SAP Masterdata
  • Enhancement of existing SAP Masterdata (Materialmaster/ Customer…) with unlimited data
  • Structured data with own hierarchy

Usage in all SAP Modules

  • QM – Standards/ Internal testing requirements
  • SD – Customer Specification/ Delivery Specification
  • PP – Productionspecification/ Marking Instructions
  • General instructions

For Metalworking industry secat QPPD brings a huge advantage of minimizing Characteristics within Classification and/ or VC.


QPPD FactSheet