Our SAP R/3 solutions are completely tailored to your needs.

Prêt-à-porter? That’s just a concept from the world of fashion, isn’t it? Not at all. In the world of SAP, too, there’s a favourably priced option between haute couture and off-the-rack. With various SAP applications, the same or similar types of problems occur again and again – some are limited to a certain industry, while others arise across several. That is why we don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel, but can re-use solutions that we have tested thoroughly and that our customers have approved.

Individual and highly flexible

QPPD supports your rule and master data management in SAP – 100 % individual and highly flexible.

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Easy, clear, efficient

Data Cockpit as a universal table maintenance tool, structures all individual data in SAP R/3 to make your life easier.

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Maximum acceleration

ClassConverter simplifies the access to your classification data significant. Therefore you receive desired data quickly.

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